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Fire Show



Our database of talented performers is endless and full of possibilities to bring your event to life! We make sure that our performers are not only the best in their craft, but ready to entertain, go above and beyond expectations, and exude professionalism and class. They come from around the world with years of professional artistic experience to help make your event the best it can be, whether it's a large corporate event, work party, or small intimate gathering. Any act can be themed to fit your event details and will include costuming to match! Plus, everything you see below can be combined! Want a dancing greeter? Sure thing. How about a juggling stilt walker? We got you covered.


Dancers are the most versatile act you can have at your event! Our dancers are highly skilled with year of experience and can bring any vision to life! Our dance performers are trained in ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, breakdance, tap, ballroom, latin, swing, hula, club, and MORE! They can roam and dance or stay stationary on objects like boxes, elevated stages, tables, etc. and will be themed to your liking!


The perfect backdrop to any event! Live music and DJs are always a hit! We have incredible musicians in a wide variety of acts: individual singers, rock bands, brass bands, percussion bands, themed musicians, and more. 


Aerialists are an exciting and unique touch to any event. These dancers in the sky can hang from silks, lyra (hoop), trapeze, ropes, hammock, and more! Have them hanging over your event as cool atmosphere to excite your guests.


Similar to aerialists, these performers get the crowd excited! Watch the amazing flexibility and strength of our contortionists, who will leave you in awe of their ability to elegantly contort themselves in crazy positions. Or enjoy watching our hand balancers fluidity as they balance on each other, or objects, in death-defying tricks. Our acrobats are sure to please as they flip and tumble throughout your event! We even have ribbon rhythmic gymnasts!


The best way to light up your event! Professionally trained fire performers are sure to spark conversation and wonder. We have fire breathers, twirlers, and more!


High action demonstrations of hand-to-hand combat, weapons, and board breaking. Stunt performers who can reenact your favorite movie scenes. Motorcyclists, cheerleaders, and more!


The skies the limit with our stilt walkers at your event! Always an amazing thing to see with any theme! Plus, we have skaters too! Imagine a cool skate show or skaters rolling around your event with champagne - how fun!


Our show girls are the best addition to any event! Whether they are greeting your guests at the door, roaming around your event, or putting on a show, show girls are the ultimate SHOWstopper and will be sure to dress up your event!


Roaming magicians are a fun way to livin up any party without drawing too much attention. Your guests will be stunned when a magician enters their conversation and performs a card trick or hand magic! Or maybe you want a magic show!? We can do that too! We've got jugglers too!


Fun, stylized, and energetic greeters are sure to get your party started on the right foot! Large installations with our performers will make even more of an impression! Imagine walking under an aerialist hanging from the sky to enter your event? Or an Alice and Wonderland theme with performers in costume, ready to open the doorknob to wonderland? Maybe a sleek Matrix theme with performers at the ready to give you a blue or red piece of candy? We've got all the ideas if you need help coming up with an entrance installation with greeters! Balloons, champagne, archways, props, and more! We even have a living red carpet!


Our performers can transform into any theme for the night! Roaring 20s party? Have some flappers greet your guests at the door, roam around and get your guests on the dance floor, and pose for fun pictures! Mirrorball, LED, fairies, showgirls, western, and more - every detail counts when it comes to our greeters and roaming performers and they are ready to entertain.

Living & Strolling Tables/TRAYS

Best way to entertain your guests? With drinks of course! Our living table can hold drinks, appetizers, and desserts - plus a themed performer for an elegant touch. Our strolling table is a great way to pass out drinks to guests with a performer roaming and entertaining around the room. We also have 360 trays for our themed performers!

Check out our "Custom Show & Inventory Performances" page. There you'll find information on creating a full custom show/performance for your event AND our inventory performances that you can book! We've got all the classic ideas and they are ready to entertain!

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